Zarafa, the Giraffe Who Walked to the King

Zarafa, the Giraffe who Walked to the King

Zarafa is a beautiful and gentle giraffe. . . so wonderful, in fact, that the ruler of Egypt offers her as a gift to the king of France. But how to get her to Paris? What a long journey for a giraffe. And will the king of France even like her?

Zarafa travels by camel in deepest Africa, sails up the Nile by felucca, crosses the sea by brigantine, and, amazingly, walks the last five hundred miles to Paris. People love it! And they love Zarafa, meeting and greeting her along the way, cheering her on. And the king of France? He is so delighted with her that he places her in his own royal garden, where all of Paris comes to visit her.

Illustrated with the brilliantly colored and whimsical art of Britt Spencer, young readers will be enchanted by this incredible - and true! - story of sweet and courageous Zarafa.


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